An aptly named individual

Toast has some brave fighting words over at Brent’s place:

Bring it, bitch. I’d love it if a Bible Thumper threw down on me. I’d wreck their shit in an Old Testament hurry. The thing about Wingers that pisses me off more than ANYTHING else is their assumption that the rest of us are all pussies. I would relish the opportunity to demonstrate the erroneous nature of that assumption.

Toast is forgetting two things. First, one of the most common arguments made by atheists is based upon the presumption of inherent atheist pussiness. Remember, atheists are supposed to be less likely to fight, less likely to start wars and to make inferior soldiers because they don’t want to risk losing their lives, unlike those crazy theists who think they’re going to paradise. You can’t have it both ways. And there’s no point arguing with me about it, you’ll have to take that up with Dawkins and company.

Second, I really have to question the wisdom of picking a fight with those you believe to be fundamentally more warlike and fearless, and who also happen to outnumber you about fifty to one. Where is the logic in that, O mighty champion of Reason?

Don’t atheists claim to be the inordinately smart ones? It often looks rather more like social autism to me. I don’t agree with the entirety of Brent’s take on the matter either, as there’s plenty of evidence that those books aren’t quite as innocently harmless as he describes, but I fully concur with his conclusion: “This is shaping up to become the Crazy Years.”

Wave Three, baby. Wave Three.