Don’t get excited about Sarkozy

He’s just another French leader in the Vichy tradition:

Mr Sarkozy’s joint declaration with Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Spanish prime minister, sets out a 10-point programme to preserve the “advances” of the old EU constitution within a new “simplified” European treaty. To Downing Street’s dismay EU powers, including the taboo areas of justice, foreign policy and defence, are combined with a demand for a “legally binding” charter of fundamental rights.

The Franco-Spanish alliance also insists that a European “foreign minister” keeps his powers despite any titular compromise. They appear determined to take on every red line set out by Downing Street last Friday, and call for the EU to take on a “single legal personality”.

The demand has alarmed Britain amid fears that the new legal power could allow the EU to sign treaties in the UK’s name and one day see a European seat replacing Britain’s on the United Nations Security Council.

Naturally, the faux conservatives at National Review LOVE the guy because he’s so pro-American. Just like they love Tony Blair. Of course, if they knew anything about European politics, they’d know that both Blair and Sarkozy are Eurofascists hell-bent on erecting the revived Carolingian empire across the continent and the Channel.