A Nixonian Parousia

La Paglia divina correctly senses a gruesome sexual sociopathy in our next President. She’s so clearly setting up to be the second coming of Richard Nixon, albeit in nominal drag:

Hillary excelled in the first half by the greater specificity of her responses, but her gains were nearly wiped out at one point by her bone-chilling mirthless chuckling (like a sound effect for the Blood Countess in a horror film).

In the second half, when everyone was seated, she overplayed her hand and began to intrude and domineer. The men sank into passive torpor. What was surfacing in Hillary was the old family psychodrama of the bright, brittle, high-achieving daughter contemptuously outflanking her befuddled, resentful, mediocre brothers at the dinner table. It wasn’t a pleasant sight — and all too reminiscent of the bullying Rosie O’Donnell compulsively hogging the spotlight on “The View.”

So, an observant lesbian sees too much Rosie O’Donnell in Hillary Clinton. I wonder why that might be….. Now, I know a lot of you are dreading the next Clinton presidency, but I’m telling you, it’s going to be even more fun than the last one.

Sure, the nation is doomed, but the nation is doomed anyhow. It’s not like any of the Republicans likely to win the nomination are going to lift a finger to reverse the political current towards national extinction. Hillary isn’t going to do much that Giuliani or Romney or Thompson wouldn’t do, but those few things are going to be massively entertaining.

Of course Paglia, being a relative political innocent, doesn’t understand that the Lizard Queen is in no way handicapped by her lack of appeal. I’m not saying that she couldn’t manage to melt down and destroy her candidacy, that’s possible at any moment, but as it stands all she has to do is keep a tight hold on her sociopathy and she’ll walk into the White House with ease.