I hear hoofbeats

It appears the Four Horsemen have saddled up and are about to begin their ride. From the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE:

Homeschooling is a viable alternative to public schools

Despite promises of reform and improvement from politicians, public school boards, school administrators and unions, the results have either been maintenance of the status quo or an actual worsening of an already substandard public education system. Barely on most people’s radar screens, homeschooling is a viable — albeit niche — alternative.

The number of students reported to be homeschooled in 1978 was only 12,500 (many say the number was actually higher due to underreporting), the National Center for Education Statistics reported 1.1 million children were being homeschooled in 2003 — an estimated increase of nearly 20 percent per year over this 25-year period.

Along with vouchers and charter schools, homeschooling is now considered a true alternative to what the public school system has to offer. In 2000, 3 percent of elementary and secondary schoolchildren were homeschooled; only 1 percent were in charter schools, and a mere one-tenth of 1 percent had vouchers to attend private schools. Based on the numbers alone, it is clear that homeschooling is not limited to the anti-establishment or to fundamentalist religious groups or to those in the most rural of communities, as was once the claim. It is now the largest school reform alternative.

I’m not easily shocked, but this is simply stunning. I can’t even imagine the gnashing of teeth taking place in the California teachers’ unions and department of education offices.

Reform the schools: remove your kids.