Girls don’t like nice guys

I find it hard to believe that women have such a difficult time understanding why men not only behave in a predatory manner, but will pay to learn how to become more effective sexual predators:

So, this is what we’re dealing with out there in the world of hetero dating. Predators teaching men to be predators. And getting paid very well to do it. Maybe I’ll start a business of my own, and I’ll call myself a date doctor, and instead of teaching men sleazy tricks to get into a woman’s pants, I’ll teach them how to actually treat women with respect. But, oh, wait – a business like that won’t make any money! The ones that make money are the ones that teach men to trick women. Because apparently, some men would rather learn how to trick a woman than learn how to be respectful and genuine.

Plenty of men know how to be respectful and genuine. The problem is that many women aren’t sexually attracted to respectful and genuine men, they’re attracted to men who behave in a certain way that is relatively easy for men to learn to emulate.

It’s simple supply and demand. If women truly wished to be treated respectfully, they would behave in a manner that encourages such treatment. Every girl that rejects a nice guy in favor of a predator isn’t merely confirming the predator in his attitude and actions, she is also teaching the nice guy that if he wishes to be successful with women in the future, he will have to stop behaving in a respectful and genuine manner.

As for me, I’ve never had any problem with the way women tend to be attracted to arrogant men who pay no attention whatsoever to their opinions, wishes or needs. It always struck me as a perfectly reasonable system that worked rather well.

This comment in particular made me laugh:

You know, none of my women friends have ever said that they would like to date a guy who’ll treat them like shit. Every one of them would prefer to date a guy who’s kind and generous and sincere and reliable and respectful. Yet, almost every woman I know has in fact dated a man who treated her like shit.

In other words, all of her women friends are either a) stupid, b) self-decieving, or c) possess poor discernment. When a woman demands to be treated with respect, my inevitable response is “for what?”