He’s been president for 7

More blitheringly stupid Three Monkey jabber:

Pre-January 2009, can this marriage be saved? You know, as his luck would have it, staying together is worth it for the kids. And every once in a while — say, if there’s a Supreme Court opening this summer, as has been rumored, and he nominates a judge like Alito or Roberts – President George W. Bush may just remind us why we fell for him in the first place. It might not be the best marriage, but we share a love — a love of country, a love of democracy, a love of the Constitution. Yeah, he created a dubious Cabinet department. But we also haven’t been attacked for six years under his presidency.

Lopez would defend Bush if he sacrificed the twins to Quetzalcoatl live on Fox News… and explain why he was only doing it for America. We did get attacked under his presidency. 9/11 was Bush’s failure, not Clinton’s. I don’t think Bush is particularly enamored of “that damned piece of paper”. He’s ignoring the clearly expressed will of the people on illegal immigration. And if you love your country, why would you try to turn it into Mexico North?