The Irrational Atheist

I’m accustomed to getting paid to not write books, but this is the first time that I’ve seen one of my books sold to the general public before it’s even been written. And here I was impressed that you could order The Wrath of Angels through Amazon.

Apparently I’m now an exo-temporal uploaded Internet superintelligence. Or perhaps I wioll haven been. Ha! I scoff at you Mr. Space-Time Continuum!

You know, it occurs to me that if I order it now, I could just copy the text and save myself the trouble of actually having to write it. That’s almost as easy as getting paid to not write!

UPDATE: Some of you were digging the book yesterday, so I’m popping it up here again. Many thanks to Taylor for showing me how to set the Blogger template to digg by individual post. The funny thing is that thanks to those of you who placed preorders yesterday, TIA’s Amazon rank is higher than that reached by any of my novels.