Attack of the cat ladies

Rachel Lucas is welcomed back by the wrath of the feline-infested:

In my post about online dating, the first tip was, no photos of your cats.

Notice how it says no PHOTOS of your cats.

So I was just looking through my referral list, and I apparently have a hate following now among a few “kitty” forums. Which sounds sexier than it really is. People are actually saying things like “bite me” and that “no man is more important than my cat!” and “Rachel Lucas can kiss my ass.”…

But hey, kitty forum folks: thanks for proving my point for me. I’m not surprised to see so many posts by single women who say their cats are far more important to them than any man will ever be. Have a great time staying single for the rest of your life – not because you keep felines in your house but because you actually believe that a non-sentient animal can and will fulfill you emotionally in ways no human ever could.

Gentlemen, here’s a simple rule of thumb. If she’s single and she has a cat, be very wary and skedaddle at the first sign of feminine psychosis. If she’s single and she has more than one cat, immediately run, do not walk, for the exit. If she’s single and she owns a dog, marry her.

Worked for me, anyhow.