That’s… that’s not his mobile

Ann Althouse recommends careful use of breast power:

Women know what their breasts look like in their clothes. It doesn’t just happen. “Breast power” is real. We can pretend we don’t know, but we do.

While I’m never offended by even the most egregious abuse of breast power, I find it extremely irritating when women claim to be simply dressing for themselves or somehow unconscious of the effect created by displaying their breasts to their best advantage.

Women seldom dress for themselves when they’re going out in public. They’re usually dressing to interest men while simultaneously trying to avoid criticism from other women, but however the net effect turns out, it’s seldom accidental.

And it’s very simple to demonstrate that the display of sexual attributes is distracting to either sex and isn’t simply the audience’s problem. Consider the effect on an office full of women by a man sporting a massive erection under a loose pair of slacks, especially those women seated at their desks and forced to meet Priapus at face level.