Iron is life

Some 25 over-65s, with an average age of 70, took part in the study and trained at a gym. Not only did they acquire new strength, but the molecular machinery powering their muscles became as active as that seen in people of 20 or 30…. Measurements of muscle strength showed that before training, the pensioners were on average 59 per cent weaker than the young adults. Afterwards, they were only 38 per cent weaker – an improvement of almost 50 per cent. But the most remarkable change was hidden in the mitochondria, the rod-like ‘power plants’ that sit within every cell and generate energy.

This is clearly a sign to go for the Holy Grail: the 21-inch guns. If you’re already a mental freak of nature, why not become a physical one as well? I’ve always wanted to have an excuse to get into a confrontation with police and shout “my arms are more powerful than your guns!”

I have noticed that people who lift weights regularly do tend to look significantly younger than their age. Not in the face, but in how their body looks and how they move. And for women, I’ve seen 50- and 60-year olds who have butts like 17-year old girls, or at least what 17 year-old girls used to look like before they all got fat.