The Sports Guy is justly punished

St. Paul of the Good Fraters indulges in some righteous Schadenfreude:

If it’s one thing I hate, it’s sports guys popping off about politics. I read sports as a refuge from the constant conservative beat down that is the front page and most MSM political reporting. Plus sports guys typically don’t know squat about anything besides sports. They’re idiots, only feeling the need to talk about politics because they’re bored with a job that typically takes them about 1 hour per day to finish up. And finally, they’re always Democrats…

The Celtics FALL 3 positions to number 5, out of the Durant/Oden jackpot! Take that Simmons! It will be a pleasure to read his suffering for at least another half decade of Celtic futility. My work here is done.

I quite like the Sports Guy, and I like Dr. Z and Peter King, but the way they all occasionally take shots at the Republican Party is both annoying and unprofessional. And I’m no Republican.

Keep politics off the sports page.