Me So full of it

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Even after the complete falsehood of her charge against Paul was pointed out, and acknowledged by her, Malkin still did her best to wriggle out of it by trying to weave a very tenuous connection between Paul and the Truthers.

What’s interesting about this isn’t the fact that Me So Michelle never bothers to do her homework – that’s not exactly news – but what it demonstrates about her priorities. The regulars here who happen to like Malkin always point out that she’s anti-migration, which is certainly to her credit, but notice here that she was going out of her way to attack one of the foremost anti-migration Republican presidential candidates, either because she is more pro-occupation than anti-migration or because she’s more interesting in licking the boots of those who are more likely to win the nomination than support a candidate who shares her position on migration. Either way, it’s not exactly edifying.

Faux conservatives often attack libertarians and genuine conservatives as being left-liberals; I started getting emails accusing me of being a liberal Democrat from the first time I criticized the Bush administration. But merely understanding the concept of blowback does not indicate any specific political ideology.