Thank you, Karl Rove

Yeah, about all those Hispanics who were going to vote Republican because they’re so socially conservative….

A new study has struck a harsh blow to the premise that U.S. immigrants, particularly from Mexico, are committed to traditional family values.

The Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies said that immigrants from Mexico and Spanish-speaking countries were not committed to traditional values and pointed to the dramatic rise in illegitimate birth rates among Hispanic immigrants.

People occasionally ask me if the reason my political predictions are more accurate than most is because I’m so astonishingly brilliant. And sure, I am and all, but the truth is that the two really aren’t related. You see, you don’t have to be particularly intelligent to see where things are probably going, you just need to look at what the morons are doing and then consider the ways their idiotic plans are most likely to blow up in their faces.

The only way that Karl Rove could possibly be a genius is if he’s a secret Clinton operative.