They just need more education

It’s not astonishing that feminists are idiots. What’s astonishing is that they are surprised by the absolutely predictable consequences of the idiotic things they advocate:

There is a distinctly troubling issue that faces the more than 160,000 female soldiers who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002. It has been called the “double whammy”: sexual abuse and trauma, combined with exposure to combat. Its effects are devastating.

Tragically, it is not a rare combination. Equally tragically, our military women receive this treatment not from our enemies; instead, it comes at the hands of some male officers and enlisted men of the very United States military in which these women bravely serve and fight.

A 2003 report, financed by the Department of Defense and cited in the article, found that nearly one-third of a nationwide sample of female veterans seeking Veterans Administration health care “said they experienced rape or attempted rape during their service.” Of this sampling of female military veterans, “37 percent said they were raped multiple times, and 14 percent reported they were gang-raped.”

There’s three options here. Which one makes the most sense?

1. Offer more anti-harassment education. Maybe having a few more women wag fingers in their faces and say “rape is wrong” will make a substantial difference to the very same men who have been trained to lower their natural inhibitions to doing things that are generally considered morally and socially unacceptable, like shooting people in the head.

“Shooting women, good. Dropping bomb on house full of women and children, good. Putting penis where it isn’t wanted, bad.”

2. Kick all the over-aggressive, rape-prone men out of the military. Who knows what we’ll do with them, maybe we can have them all teach PE in the public schools. After all, it seems that little kids can be expected to defend themselves about as well as these brave female warriors. I’m sure the Rangers and Marines will be just as effective if they were comprised entirely of sensitive men who would never dream of laying a hand on a woman without written permission.

3. Kick all the women out and leave the military alone to focus on killing people, breaking things and to rape and to pillage, as all armies have done since the dawn of time.

Of course, America doesn’t fight to win wars any more, so what difference does it make if we have a military capable of winning one or not anyway? I’d go with option 1 myself, you know, because education is the answer to everything.