The transience of talent

From ProFootballTalk:

A league source tells us that Randy Moss has passed his physical and the trade of Randy Moss to the Patriots is done.

Raiders get New England’s fourth-round pick.

Considering that the Vikes had two fourth-rounders, I would have been delighted to get Randy back in the Metrodome. Maybe he is finished, but I think it’s more likely that the debacle that is the Raidess put him in quit mode.

Regardless, who would have ever thought that Randy Moss would be traded for nothing but a 4th round draft pick. It looks like New England is loading for bear this year, if anyone can keep him in line and get him back on track, it’s going to be the Hooded One.

He did a pretty good job with a malcontent named Dillon a few years ago, after all.