Selfish genetics

Feminists decide they aren’t so keen on that whole evolution thing after all:

Note that his child is valuable because she loves him unconditionally and because she is genetically close to him. In other words, her value as a human being is contingent on him. And that’s exactly why his wife doesn’t matter as much.

That’s a incorrect characterization. The child is more valuable to the father because she possesses his genetics, this says nothing about relative values as human beings. This is precisely as it should be according to the Selfish Gene theory popularized by Richard Dawkins. On what possible grounds can Feministe object to any of this, given that it’s merely evolutionary biology in action?

And I give full credit to the man for telling his wife that if she aborted his child, he would divorce her. I certainly wouldn’t remain married to such a monster myself, any more than I’d stay with a psychopath who crept out at night to torture and kill puppies and kittens.

Women who pay others to kill their unborn children are evil, inhuman monsters, more disgusting and contemptible than any National Socialist death camp worker or Maoist Red Guard.

Calling a feminist a feminazi is an insult to the German National Socialist Workers Party.

Attention all feminists who wish to threaten not to marry or have sex with Mr. Day, the line forms on the right. Those wishing to express gratitude that they are not married to Mr. Day, please line up on the left. Those who find themselves nauseous or faint-headed should retire to the parlor where various buckets and couches have been prepared for your convenience.

Mr. Day shall strive to do his utmost to survive his disappointment at his limited marital and sexual prospects.