Shall we ban movies too?

I always find it interesting how an industry which claims it can save lives by showing action heroes buckling their seatbelts when getting into a car will simultaneously claim that violent movies cannot possibly have an impact on anyone:

In the chilling video Cho also appears to re-enact scenes from a film detectives say he had repeatedly watched in the days leading up to the massacre. The South Korean movie Oldboy has themes of obsession and revenge which also occur in Cho’s own writings.

Obviously, the vast majority of those who have seen that movie have not gone on to commit violent massacres. But it is downright dishonest to insist that there is no connection whatsoever between the influence and the act. This connection doesn’t mean that anything should be done about the negative influences, I don’t even believe in forcing movie producers to rate their movies.

But it does demonstrate that it is never a bad idea to pay attention to the influences surrounding you and those around you.