Read the fine print

One could reach a reasonable conclusion about the intelligence of Democrats and Republicans here:

Pew judged the levels of knowledgeability (correct answers) among those surveyed and found that those who scored the highest were regular watchers of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and Colbert Report. They tied with regular readers of major newspapers in the top spot — with 54% of them getting 2 out of 3 questions correct. Watchers of the Lehrer News Hour on PBS followed just behind.

Virtually bringing up the rear were regular watchers of Fox News. Only 1 in 3 could answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly. Fox topped only network morning show viewers.

So, because Democrats watch Jon Stewart and Republicans watch Fox News, this means that Democrats are smarter than Republicans. QED.

Not so fast….

Men scored higher than women, and older Americans did better than younger, on average. Democrats and Republicans were about equally represented in the most knowledgeable group but there were more Democrats in the least aware group.

Remember, most people are idiots. So, since Fox News has loads more viewers than Comedy Central, a higher percentage of them are largely clueless… to say nothing of the fact that Fox News spends more time reporting on celebrity spawn and school shootings than it does on American politics.

Although I have no doubt that all those Media Matters Stasi are contributing to dragging the average down as well.

Regardless, I think it’s worth pointing out that knowing who the vice-president is does not qualify one as knowledgeable, it just indicates that you’re not quite as sublimely ignorant as my Viszla.