The Left can learn

Blogometer offers evidence:

If you were expecting for the netroots to join more traditional Dem calls for increased gun control following the tragedy in Blacksburg, VA, don’t hold your breath. At deadline, none of the top five netroots sites (Daily Kos, Eschaton, TPM, AMERICAblog, and MyDD) have called for any changes to gun laws (CLARIFICATION: AMERICAblog does ask for a ‘revisit’ of guntrol but nothing specific). And don’t expect them to either. The VA Tech shootings are serving as an albeit tragic marker in demonstrating just how different Dems are in ’07 than they were in ’99.

I’ve found it tremendously interesting how the few attempted sallies on the part of the mainstream media and left-leaning politicians have appeared quite half-hearted; despite the very weighted question on an ABC News online poll, the pro-gun position was winning 2-1 over the anti-gun one on the very evening of the VTU shootings.

While the war will never be over, the battle has clearly been won. It’s worth celebrating, as it’s one of the few battles that has ended well for freedom in America.

The problem is that one reason they’ve given up is that those who are hell-bent on disarming the American people are doing an end run; they’ve only abandoned the issue as a national one because they intend to revisit it as an international one, using the NAU treaties to circumvent the Bill of Rights.