New heights of geekdom

As regular readers know, I have a few consoles hooked up to the projector which I use when I’m on the exercise bike. The problem, if one can properly use that word, is that when I get hooked on WoW, I find it easy to blow off the daily biking.

Fortunately, I discovered the solution in the broken wireless keyboard that Spacebunny bought me for my birthday two years ago. While the laptop is too heavy to hold at chest level for 30-45 minutes, the keyboard, while a bit oversized and clumsy compared to a gamepad, isn’t much heavier than the Xbox 360 controller. And although it’s missing five or six keys, none of them are important for the game.

After playing through a 30-minute ride, I was delighted to inform Spacebunny of this breakthrough in workout entertainment. She was, of course, massively impressed and informed me that she has never found me more attractive.

Chicks dig guys who play computer games, but chicks REALLY dig guys who play computer games on 35 square foot screens. While working out.