It’s always the post office

U.S. Postal Service employee? Check. Disgruntled? Check:

Investigators have said she admitted shooting her husband on March 22, 2006, and that it had something to do with his constant criticism….. But Winkler said she got a job at the post office and that experience taught her to stand up for herself. “That’s the problem. I have nerve now, and I have self-esteem. My ugly came out.”

Okay, there’s just something vastly amusement about someone’s experience at the post office teaching them to stand up for themselves by shooting people. Just what sort of training program do they have there anyhow?

And if constant criticism proves to be an adequate justification for spousal murder, I think there will be an awful lot of annoying women getting shot in the near future.

Through sleet and snow, wind and rain
The postman braves the rigor
Until it leaves him quite insane
And reaching for the trigger