Good for you, you little bastard

When I’m fighting in the Arathi Basin, there are occasionally times when I find myself swarmed and without hope of escape. In that situation, my preferred response is to focus on the lowest ranked attacker, Raptor Strike him and then drop an Explosive Trap. Every third or fourth time, that does enough damage to ensure taking at least one of those Horde rotters with me into the grey spirit-filled yonder. It’s amazingly satisfying.

It’s all but summer now, so the bees are buzzing about and occasionally bumble their way into the house. A rather big specimen did so today, necessitating the use of a small cardboard box to stun him before applying the coup de grace with a paper towel. But even as he buzzed his last, the brave bee struck back by lashing out with an impressively venomous stinger at my thumb, leaving me cursing the freshly deceased insect even as I admired his last great gesture of defiance.

Let the choosers of the slain know that he died well and is worthy of a place in Beehalla.