Women in the military

A British commander speaks out against the concept:

Col Bob Stewart, who was the first British commander of UN forces in Bosnia, yesterday said that he was against women being close to combat as their deaths or injuries had a debilitating effect on male soldiers. “It’s disquieting for a lot of people in this country when women are put into the front line because when they are wounded or killed, the men around them find it very difficult to operate,” he said.

It is both reprehensible and counterproductive on multiple levels to allow women to serve in the military, let alone encourage it. That being said, our society has been so overfeminized that political pressure will continue to be placed on the military to allow women to serve in combat positions until the first time that captured female soldiers are filmed being gang-raped or mutilated.

Of course, since a weak military serves the interests of America’s enemies, they’d be foolish to do anything like that.