Mailvox: Yeah, but no

Wolver proves that hope springs eternal in the Rpublican breast:

Sorry Vox, but Hillary can’t win, regardless who she runs against. She is much too polarizing and even most women won’t vote for her. She is an embarrassment to females everywhere and to most democrats. Obama can win if given the chance. Giuliani can beat Hillary because she is as much a dick as he is and no matter how many times she changes she too well known. Most Americans are still in love with Giuliani and don’t know he’s a dick because most people don’t follow politics like we do. The best bet is Fred Thompson, President Thompson is a winner for sure.

The only Americans “in love with Giuliani” work for the conservative commentariat. The Magic Negro can’t win; political polls are the only thing less honest than politicians.

But the silliest idea is the notion that a man who can’t even decide if he wants to run for president or not can defeat a woman who is perfectly willing to devour alive every puppy and kitten who happens to find itself in between her and the Cherry Blossom Throne.