French competence

We went to a little French reptile show the other day. They had several dozen glass cages containing everything from Blue-tongued Skinks to rare Tarantulas. What was a little disturbing, however, was the fact that one cage had two big cracks in it, one of which showed a definite hole. The cracks were partially covered with duct tape, which was old and peeling away from the cage… of the green mamba.

I mean, it’s not like green mambas are particularly venomous or anything, like rattlesnakes.

Perhaps the evolutionary biologists here can determine whether it was a moral act or an immoral act to have pointed out that the mamba was no longer nosing about its potential exit route, but appeared to have already effected its escape. (Actually, it had only climbed its little tree where it was mostly out of sight.)

I can, however, state that it was an act which afforded some small amusement.