Mailvox: Mormon panties in a bunch

Another GT writes:

I would expect that someone who would want to be taken seriously as a scholar and commentator, never mind the lecture on IQ that you should have, would at least do as much as Hugh Hewitt and learn a little bit about what you so recklessly disparage in reference to Mitt Romney. That little bit of infantile and adolescent chatter about sacred underwear, (and that’s it?), is surely beneath you? What gives?

If you’re genuinely naming Hugh Hewitt as a serious political commentator, then no, I don’t want to be taken seriously. Remember how he and a bunch of other Republicans publicly and repeatedly declared that Arnold Schwarzenegger would save conservativism and the Republican Party in California? I seem to recall making some very different predictions… how’d that work out?

Hewitt thinks Romney is electable in both senses of the word, presumably based on his height and his hair. I think an openly homosexual Catholic priest has a better chance of getting nominated and elected and I’ve been stating that Hillary Clinton will win in 2008 for two years now.

Hugh is a nice guy, probably a much nicer guy than me. I merely happen to be correct most of the time. Go with what you like, I don’t care.

I expect remarks like that, ranking up there with the gutter level
politics of folks, to not be in WND. Have you ever talked to Mr. Romney? He surely deserves a much better level of treatment than a Hillary or Bill Clinton and I don’t remember your addressing their underwear…

Yes, I must be a liberal Democrat, to think that sacred Masonic underwear is weird. In my opinion, “sacred” and “underwear” do not belong in the same sentence unless “Alessandra Ambrosio” and “Victoria’s Secret” are also involved. As for the Lizard Queen, I’m not exactly known for treating her in a particularly respectful manner, and I very much hope to avoid any possibility of ever being forced to speak to her underwear.

(Sweet Darwin, NO!!!!! Writing that just inspired the most hideous thought about Hillary taking a Britney turn….)

SM takes a little less offense:

Being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), I appreciate your honesty in your reply to question about the Presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney. I’m not sure “weird” is the best description, but I will agree with “unusual”. But since you are the author of your response, you call it like you see it. I guess people thought Moses was weird when he told the people he saw God and was visited by an Angel of the Lord, also people must have had a lot of fun at the expense of old Noah. I wonder what kind of underwear he wore? And just think of Elijah, the nerve of him challenging all those priest. And Jesus Christ must have been quite a hoot for the religious establishment, with his weird ideas. We maybe we are weird. Or maybe….

I do like your commentary on World Net Daily. Keep up the good work.

I’m guessing Moses went commando, actually… now look, weird is a simple fact of a departure from the norms. If you don’t like getting made fun of for wearing a wool straitjacket under your clothing, then don’t wear it. You cannot do things that are wildly out of the normal realm of behavior, then act all hurt and offended when people point their fingers and laugh at you, as you deserve.

Either have the courage of your convictions or shut up. Whining just makes you contemptible as well as weird.