Mailvox: Mormon aren’t freaks

They’re merely self-defensive and insecure about their underwear. That’s not weird, not at all:

“Being a Mormon is weird.” Being a Baptist Bigot is OK right? You sound like exactly what you are an immature kid, not a high IQ writer!

I don’t care if Mormons wear their angelic underoos on their heads or if they weave them out of gold, it’s a bizarre practice any way you look at it. It doesn’t make one a bigot to notice that people are behaving strangely, it’s merely the recognition of a departure from societal norms.

I encourage every Mormon to take their underwear seriously; if that’s part of what makes you Mormon, then be a Mormon and do it right. Don’t be concerned about the fact that I think it’s weird, it’s not like I’m the precise epicenter of human normality.

Revel in your freakiness, that’s my view. Just don’t expect to do it and be elected president.