Hit me with your best shot



I’m pulling a lot of the stuff I’ve written over the last few days. I invited a flood of racist and gay-baiting trash traffic here, and I am anxious to see it go away.

Or not. Whatever. Nothing like a little Parthian shot to try to cover your porcine behind as you run away squealing. Of course, there never was any such flood, nor can his assertion be disproved since he conveniently deleted all seven posts attacking me, including such non-gay-baiting classics as vox_day_is_gay_possibly and faggot_science.

A simple admission of misunderstanding would have sufficed as far as I’m concerned, but it has become mysteriously common to conclude that it’s somehow less humiliating to destroy your own credibility instead. But there’s no shame in being wrong from time to time; there is, however, plenty of it in acting like a whiny little bitch.

UPDATE – on an unrelated note, GT’s back, having answered the question to my satisfaction. I don’t really care what any of you believe, I do expect everyone who asks questions of others to be willing to answer questions directed their own way to the best of their ability. Unless it’s EP or Jamie doing the asking, I would recommend ignoring their questions at all costs. And no, you don’t have to pull Bane’s finger if he asks either.