The case for science

Such as it is, anyhow:

* Ahhh, the talents of a person who might be intelligent attempting to argue that science is horrible…. This article was so bad that it actually had me laughing.

* It was probably a scientist who gave him that haircut. That’s enough to set anyone off.

* Irony (n) – Including an advertisement about “A new weapon in the War on Cancer” in an article entitled “The Case Against Science.

* Yeah, that Hitler was a great scientist, all right. We all remember his famous papers in the Zeitschrift fuer Physik. I’m amazed he never got the Nobel Prize. And without science, people couldn’t have committed any murders or genocides. That’s why in its long history of several centuries, the Inquisition never killed anybody. I suppose some science is required to light the faggots under a witch or tie a rope around her neck and hang her, so once again, we have science to blame for that. But let me get this straight: global warming is the fault of science, and capitalism is going to save the world. Clunk, clunk. Nope, doesn’t compute. And religion never started any wars. Oh no. That’s been demonstrated. All those Crusaders were just eco-touring in the Middle East.

* Well, there was certainly enough crackpottery in there to make one think it was a joke. I took particular note of this, “Most inventors are not scientists and most scientists are not inventors; whereas Oppenheimer and Einstein gave us the nuclear bomb, Steve Wozniak gave us the personal computer and Al Gore gave us the Internet.” What the hell…?

There’s more, but there’s certainly enough right there to convince me! I’ve now learned that science is engineering, science is also technology, all inventors are scientists and all scientists are inventors, all knowledge is inherently good, and no scientist can be held responsible for anything he does, says or creates. Also – and this was news to me – the German military machine was personally constructed by Adolf Hitler. By hand.

I further note that by virtue of my inventions, which are on record with the U.S. patent office, I shall be adding “scientist” to my increasingly grand list of credentials.

Please accordingly note that I may no longer be held responsible for anything I do, say or create in the future.