But… but… science is GOOD

A WorldNetDaily report demonstrating one way in which science does not facilitate war:

Syria ready with bio-terror if U.S. hits Iran

An American biodefense analyst living in Europe says if the U.S. invades Iran to halt its nuclear ambitions, Syria is ready to respond with weapons of mass destruction – specifically biological weapons.

“Syria is positioned to launch a biological attack on Israel or Europe should the U.S. attack Iran,” Jill Bellamy-Dekker told WND. “The Syrians are embedding their biological weapons program into their commercial pharmaceuticals business and their veterinary vaccine-research facilities. The intelligence service oversees Syria’s ‘bio-farm’ program and the Ministry of Defense is well interfaced into the effort.”

Bellamy-Decker currently directs the Public Health Preparedness program for the European Homeland Security Association under the French High Committee for Civil Defense. She anticipates a variation of smallpox is the biological agent Syria would utilize.

“The Syrians are also working on orthopox viruses that are related to smallpox,” Bellamy-Decker said, “and it’s a good way to get around international treaties against offensive biological weapons development. They work on camelpox as a cover for smallpox.”

One presumes that since we know that religion causes war… that is to say, FACILITATES war, it must be Islamic mullahs and imported Hindu fakirs who are developing these offensive biological weapons through a sophisticated ascientific method that combines meditation, fasting, extispicium and neo-Anselmian ontology.

As for the vaccine-research facilities, that research is obviously being conducted by Shinto priests performing blood sacrifices to appeal to the ancient alchemical wisdom of their ancestors.