I have a number

And I’d like to know yours. Specifically, I’d like to get your count on two things:

1) The total number of known officially atheist national governments in world history.

2) The total number of estimated officially Christian national governments in world history.

This can be trickier than it looks. For example, Sweden is commonly cited as an “atheist” country, but atheists are still a distinct minority there and it was actually an officially Christian country, complete with a state church, until 2000.

I’ll have a number of requests like these, some quite likely on the odd side, while I’m working on the book. Any assistance will be appreciated, but please make sure to provide your sources and/or rationale as well. In this case, just post it here and everyone can discuss the merits of various inclusions or exclusions.

Just to be perfectly clear, an officially atheist regime is one wherein ALL religions are legally banned and punishable by law, not just Christianity.