Voxologisti nuovi

Since I can never remember who has requested an addition to the blogroll, but dimly recall that somebody recently made a request, this is the time and place to do so. The requirements are, as always:

1. Ask.
2. Have a link to this blog on your blogroll.
3. It must be an actual blog, not a coati porn site or whatever.

I’ll give pride of place among the new blogs to the one who can either name seven Umberto Eco books off the top of their head (counting English titles only) or name my favorite pop historian. And if there are any dead blogs currently on the rolls, please let me know that as well.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if Windows Movie Maker lets you continue the audio from a video clip while superimposing a static or animated graphic over it? Something like the following, if A is the audio track for clip V: