The height of retro cool

I heard an awesome song on the radio today and simply had to find out who it was. It’s kind of remniscent of “I Could Never Be Your Woman” by White Town, except more 80s and laconic despite its faster pace. And being in Italian, of course, as the song is called “Vorrei Essere La Moda”, or “I Would Like to be The Fashion”.

Which just cracks me up, as anyone familiar with Italy will understand. Actually, that is the one good thing about the video. “He is wearing white? He must be stopped!”

It’s the most addictive thing I’ve heard since Electric Six’s “I Buy the Drugs“. The video isn’t all that interesting, but the song just screams “height of the party”. If it ever makes its way across the ocean, it will deservedly be huge in the clubs and in the fashion shows.

Speaking of Electric Six, one wouldn’t have thought it would be possible for anything to be simultanously funnier and more disturbing than their great salute to President Abraham Lincoln in their video for “Gay Bar”. And one would be wrong.

This was made by the members of the Pretty Pink Ponies guild, of which I am not a member.

Also, I’m sorry.

Which reminds me of an incident in WoW the other day. I was waiting to meet up with somebody in Lakeshire when I saw a group of guys who had obviously gotten bored waiting for one of their friends begin dancing on the bridge. They were amusing themselves by jumping around and basically being silly, when one of them suddenly began taking his armor off, and then his clothes. This led to the following dialogue:

“Dude, would u put ur clothes back on!!!!!”

“Nock it off!!!”

“Stop u freak!!!!”

and, finally,

“I am so not going into a dark cave with him”