TV requires serious brains

Given the fact that so few talking heads are even capable of speaking coherently, I continue to be amazed at the amount of credibility they are assigned in our society. And thanks to ProFootballTalk, I’m forced to remember those halcyon days when this guy was starting NFL games as a Vikings quarterback:

A couple of readers tell us that ESPN’s Sean Salisbury was on Thursday’s NFL Live taking sample Wonderlic questions, and that he flat-out screwed one of the answers up. And didn’t realize it.

The question: A boy is 17 years old and his sister is twice his age. When the boy is 23, how old will his sister be?

Salisbury spouts off “46,” when the right number was 40. And, apparently, Salisbury bragged after the segment that he had answered all of the questions correctly.

Sounds to me as if Bill O’Reilly may some serious competition looming in the near future. No doubt Fox or CNN is going to snap him up after that performance.

“Does he wear his makeup well?”


“Does he babble on and on without making any sense?”


“Does he have an overinflated ego?”

“Most definitely.”

“Can he handle basic multiplication and addition?”

“He thinks six plus thirty-four is forty-six.”

“Perfect. Get him a contract. We’ll put him on after Shep and groom him for Bill’s spot.”