Larry Kudlow suddenly realizes something very important:

As a free trader, I favor the Bush comprehensive immigration reform plan, which includes better border security, temporary worker cards, and ultimately, a path to citizenship.

However, family breakup is very troubling for a social conservative like myself.

Frankly, the extent of this family breakup problem is new information to me. I find it troubling.

Considering that ten percent of the Mexican population is theoretically here to seek employment, just who did he think was swimming over the Rio Grande, hot, single 15-year old Latinas in bikinis? If half of the illegal immigrants are married men with an average of 3.5 kids* to support each, that’s six million semi-abandoned wives and 21 million semi-abandoned children. Which is nearly 34 percent of the Mexicans remaining in Mexico.

(More proof that brains and mathematical ability are actually a hindrance to making money on Wall Street, just in case we needed it.)

I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I’m not holding my breath. At this rate, sometime in 2015, Larry is going to sit bolt upright in bed and shout “I’ve got it! We’ll bring them all HERE!”

And now you understand the basic logic of the American Union. The American elite has figured that they might as well take over the whole shebang since everyone is on their way anyhow.

* the Mexican birth rate per woman