This is not difficult

Pharyngurl is puzzled:

Lindsay knew she’d be targeted, just as Amanda was — she’s a godless pro-choicer, too. That’s actually a disturbing problem; why should favoring secularism and a woman’s right to choose be a detriment to someone working for a Democratic candidate?

Probably because neither secularism nor a woman’s right to kill children are as popular as living your life in the hothouse of life as a professional educator leads you to believe. This is why Democrats have to lie in order to win. This is why Republicans who wish to govern like Democrats have to lie in order to win.

The practical problem of habitual intellectual dishonesty is that eventually you begin to believe your own propaganda.

Old PZ still hasn’t figured out that Amynda really was going to destroy John Edwards’ campaign if she stayed on board, which you may recall that I predicted the moment I heard she was hired. Of course, it’s not fair to expect brilliant analysis from an educator. Those who can’t do, and all that.

You won’t hear this very often, but full credit to the abortionette Majikthise for having the good sense to turn down the campaign, though.

UPDATE: This is bizarre: “I said Marcotte was the best writer in the feminist blogosphere. If they wanted a high-profile feminist blogger, Amanda was the best.”

But the piece itself is approximately 34 times better-written than the drivel that Amynda produces at her most lucid. Obviously this is some new definition of literary quality with which I was hitherto unacquainted.