Pedophile Pedagogues

And you thought that Catholic priests were the worst:

What police say started as a series of inappropriate computer chats and text messages between a female Howard County teacher and a 15-year-old boy led to sexual encounters two years ago that came to light this week and resulted in criminal charges being filed against her.

Kirsten Ann Kinley, 27, became the county’s third teacher since January to be charged with multiple sex offenses involving a minor.

Three teachers in one county in two months. Let’s see, there are 3,150 counties across the country, so multiplied by 3, then again by six indicates that there are at least 56,700 cases of teacher sexual abuse per year… and that doesn’t count all the principals, coaches and janitors.

The annual abuse rate of Catholic priests, on the other hand, is 4,150 cases, including substantiated and unsubstantiated accusations (not criminal charges), over a period of fifty years, which indicates 83 priest-abusers per year.

Of course, there are more teachers than priests, 3 million compared to 44,000. This means that a school child’s chance of being sexually abused by a teacher is 1.89 percent, compared to .19 percent for a priest. So, a teacher isn’t 683 times more likely to go after your child than a priest, they’re only ten times more likely to do so.