Optho update

Just had my checkup and things look pretty good, all in all. The iris still isn’t fully recovered, but it’s much more functional than it was even two days ago and prospects are good for a complete recovery. There’s still some inflammation, but there’s no more excess blood, the pressure has returned to normal and the vision appears to be around 95 percent of what it was. You certainly won’t hear me complaining about it, anyhow.

It’s going to be eight days before I can work out again, although I can start biking tomorrow, and probably an additional week before I can return to the soccer field. Needless to say, I’ll be picking up a pair of lightly tinted shades – NOT those bizarre sports goggles – before then since I really don’t want to risk going through this again, however unlikely it might be. I was already in the habit of wearing shades during the daytime games anyhow, so this shouldn’t be as much of an annoyance for me as it might be for others.

Hey, it worked for Jim McMahon, right?