Can’t anyone read anymore?

Vaccuum Energy only reads the first quarter before leaping to an erroneous conclusion:

The nature of the dilemma is that one would presumably wish both assertions to be true, even though this would seem to lead to a circular definition of “the pious”.

So how does WorldNetDaily columnist Vox Day tackle the dilemma? His argument is to switch from piety to obedience….

Thus, regardless of which interpretation we choose, Vox Day’s argument that “God’s priority is obedience, not piety” gives us no way of resolving the Euthyphro Dillemma that we didn’t have available already.

This isn’t the case at all.

1. The decision that Euthyphro was relevant to a discussion of the question of OBEDIENCE was not mine, but an atheist on Pharyngurl’s site.

2. Therefore, my substitution of OBEDIENCE for THE PIOUS was not some sort of strange attempt to evade the Euthyphro Dilemma, but a clear demonstration that the “dilemma” did not apply to the subject being discussed.

3. The substitution of OBEDIENCE for THE PIOUS did show, however, that Euthyphro is not a valid criticism of Christian morality, although it is sometimes errantly considered one by those who have failed to read the entire dialogue or failed to understand it.

4. My demonstration of the basic flaw in Euthyphro is not based on this substitution of OBEDIENCE for THE PIOUS, but rather on Socrates’ substitution of THAT WHICH ALL THE GODS LOVE in the place of THAT WHICH THE GODS LOVE as well as my ability to demonstrate that Socrates’ arbitrarily narrowed definition of “THE PIOUS” does not inevitably lead to a circular conclusion, thereby eliminating the dilemma.