Yet another Air Power failure looms

Surely this time, this time, air power will do the trick:

Democrat leaders in Congress vow they’ll move to block President Bush from invading Iran, but Pentagon officials say that won’t be necessary, because they have no active plans for a ground attack.

In fact, officials tell WND they have war-gamed a full-blown invasion and ruled it out because of the difficult terrain in Iran, a mountainous fortress compared to Iraq.

“It’s a non-starter,” said one official.

He explains Iran is ringed virtually 360 degrees by towering mountains, and even if they were passable by artillery units, unstable salt flats and high desert wastelands stand between those mountains and Tehran, the capital.

I’ll tell you this right now, before the first bomb drops – assuming the Bush administration is dumb enough to go for the air strike option – it won’t work.

And then, Iran will be perfectly justified in striking back any way it likes… and surely the architects of the Iraqi and Lebanese quagmires are incapable of having planted hundreds if not thousands of agents inside America for just this very purpose….

Superior strategists with inferior forces have been defeating superior forces since Sertorius was running rings around Metellus, if not long before. The mere fact of significant technological advantage is never enough to defeat an opponent who is smart enough to avoid risking his entire force on a head-to-head gamble.

Remember one thing: the advocates of air power are always wrong. Always. They NEVER manage to deliver the results predicted, usually they fail to deliver any useful results at all. You can no more win a war with air power than you could win one with cavalry alone… it’s theoretically possible, but history demonstrates that you’re rolling the dice against very heavy odds.