Nate may have a point

About the evils of soccer. I was playing indoor this evening and fired a hard shot from about five feet out that the goalie blocked. It rebounded directly into my face, striking me squarely in the eye, before bouncing back into the goal.

So, I scored, which was nice, unfortunately when I got up off the ground and opened my eye, there was blood in it and I could not see anything. I went to the hospital immediately, and fortunately, after about two hours my vision in that eye began to return.

Right now I’ve got about 30 percent vision in it, but the initial tests showed no apparent retinal or corneal damage and the probability is that everything will return to normal once the blood is reabsorbed. I’m quite confident everything will be fine, although right now I’m just happy to have depth perception back again.

UPDATE – The opthamologist did more detailed tests this morning. He confirmed no retinal or corneal damage, but saw an amount of damage to the pupil. Fortunately the muscle is still working, so there’s a decent chance it will recover fully. That would be nice since I’m already light sensitive as it is. The best thing is that I’ve got about 85 percent vision already; if it weren’t for the weird purple eyeliner i’m currently sporting, I’d just think my contact lens needed cleaning.

My sincere thanks to all the well-wishers.