Dick Morris, ethnobiologist

His political analysis is usually better than most, but this foray into human biology cracked me up:

Most observers assumed that Romney would fill the void. But he doesn’t seem to have been able to do so. It may be a racist refusal to vote for a Mormon or, more charitably, Romney’s flip-flop-flip from pro-life to pro-choice to pro-life, or it may have been his inconsistency on gay issues, but Mitt seems to be going the way of his father — out of contention.

Although considering that I have read complaints from people concerned about anti-Islamic “racism”, perhaps the definition expanded when I wasn’t looking. That actually might be rather handy, come to think of it, as theidiots, god-botherers and Bible-thumpers can now charge reasonably atheists with being racists on top of everything else.

And they think they’re unpopular now….