Mailvox: about that assumption

Rayven does better than most:

My ethical self could not accept the obvious evil displayed by the Abrahamic Gawd…it was not logical that a Gawd would give us the ability to understand proper behavior and yet not follow it himself.

Good logic based on a faulty assumption. God did not give us the ability to understand proper behavior. The Bible is quite specific on this score: Man doesn’t know what it is and is wholly incapable of following even the part that has been explained to him.

Hence that small part relating to humanity being fallen and the need for the gentleman on the cross.

Of course, being an atheist, Rayven will no doubt toss out the logic she has hitherto followed and stick with her feelings instead. Evil, to the atheist, is nothing more than something he doesn’t like at the moment, hence the constant attempt to apply it to God. Interestingly enough, it is written that there is both a word describing and a fate awaiting those who call good evil and evil good.