Validation? What validation?

The Dixie Chicks, a band with which I am pleased to be utterly unfamiliar, take a bold stance against everyday Americans:

The Dixie Chicks, who stirred up a hornet’s nest with a jibe at President Bush, won all five Grammys for which they were nominated on Sunday, including the coveted album of the year. The victory marked a stunning validation for the female country music trio from Texas, almost four years after their dream run as the darlings of Nashville came to an abrupt end.

Singer Natalie Maines told fans during a 2003 concert she was ashamed to come from the same state as Bush, and the group was transformed overnight into pariahs. Radio stations stopped playing their songs, while album and ticket sales suffered….

“I think people are using their freedom of speech tonight with all of these awards,” Maines said.

Obviously Miss Maines isn’t particularly gifted in the brains department. The last time I checked, the Grammy Awards weren’t given by the public, who tend to vote with their radio requests, album purchases and ticket buys. And it’s hardly a surprise that they’re so popular with sort of left-wing losers who dedicate their lives to pursuing fame by making howlingly bad music and posing for the paparazzi; I’d be surprised if I owned more than ten CDs by Grammy-winning “artists”.

I don’t recall Ministry, Mozart or My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult ever winning anything, anyhow.

You have to consider the criteria. I mean, if you set a few of my more anti-Bush columns to music, I’d probably stand a decent shot at getting nominated for a Grammy.