Tales of the Strong Independent Woman

Hey, it worked for the kid:

Witnessed in a Supermarket, surrounded by dry goods

Mother, late twenties, early thirties, pushing a cart with;

Daughter (presumably) in front little seat, age two, possibly three.

Daughter: **crying inconsolably**
Mother: No, I won’t let you do this to me. No, You can’t blackmail me with your tears. No!
Daughter: **continues crying**
Mother: STOP! You can’t do this to ME! Who do you think you are! STOP!
Daughter: **cries louder**
Mother: NO! I won’t put up with this abuse! **breaks down, also begins to cry**

I rather enjoy negotiating with three year-old girls myself. Most of the little cabbage heads will sign away practically everything from their future loss of virginity to their social security payments in exchange for a kitten or a lollipop. But you have to watch out for abusive hard cases like this one clearly was, the crafty little bitches can take you down like a semi hitting a squirrel if you make the mistake of falling for that whole wide-eyed sweet and innocent act.

I’m glad I didn’t have to witness this. I might have started crying myself… with laughter.