Christian cannibals

See, he went to Bible school!

Scores of police have been sent to the jungles of remote Papua New Guinea to hunt for a cult leader known as the Black Jesus, who is said to have sacrificed three young women to the devil and eaten their bodies.

In one case reported by villagers, a mother who had fallen under the cult leader’s spell led her 14-year-old daughter to his hideout, offered her to him as a virgin then stabbed her to death.

The Black Jesus, 31-year-old Steven Tari, started his cult last year after he was expelled from a Bible college for stealing from fellow students

Now do you see why evil men might like the idea of women’s suffrage? If you can talk a woman into sacrificing her virgin daughter, I imagine you can talk her into pretty much anything you might want. But this actually makes me think of how nonsensical it is when atheists attempt to prove that obvious non-Christians are Christians based on a definition that would prove that they themselves are Christians.

I’m not talking about the No True Scotsman fallacy, but rather, ignoring overt evidence that people have actively set themselves up in direct opposition to basic Christian principle as well as the Church.

Atheist: “Sure, Hitler may have tried to create a new church with himself as the Christ figure, but you know, he was an altar boy. And he said some nice things about Jesus when he was trying to get elected to office, so obviously he was a Christian.”

Vox: “Didn’t Mohammed say some nice things about Jesus?”

Atheist: “Well, yeah.”

Vox: “Didn’t you go to Lutheran school and get confirmed?”

Atheist: “Well, yeah, but I don’t believe in God now!”

This does, of course, make one wonder if the Christian seminaries of the world might not want to examine their prospective students a little more closely. This whole “let in the gays and the devil worshippers” concept doesn’t seem to be a particularly effective strategy.

In any case, you’d think the media would realize that the more sensitive term for this devil-worshipping cannibal would be “African-Papua New Guinean Jesus”.