A correction

Nashville Knucklehead summarizes improperly:

A long time ago, Aunt B. got caught up in the threshing machine known as Vox Day. Vox Day is some pinhead with a blog and he gets a lot of readers and he declares all kinds of facts, none of which I remember, other than feminists are idiots, liberals are idiots, non-gun-owners are idiots, environmentalists are idiots and that he is an alpha male.

Actually, I specifically stated that I am not an alpha male, not being a pack animal like the majority of human beings. However, because I am not submissive, alphas often mistakenly believe that I am one of them and either resent or are amused by their inability to dominate me.

I once had a meeting with a physically large CEO who I knew liked to play the “looming” card. During the meeting, he came around from behind his desk to stand over me while I was sitting in a chair. To deal with this stupid primate trick, I simply got up from the chair and sat down on his desk while continuing with the conversation. His eyes got big and he clearly wanted to object, but I simply held his gaze and dared him to make something of it. He quit with the alpha displays after that.

Now, if I may clarify, feminists are evil, liberals are maleducated, non-gun owners ARE idiots although I would tend to prefer to label them parasites, and I don’t actually have any problem with environmentalists who don’t happen to be a) watermelons or b) liars. In fact, I can’t even recall ever once writing about environmentalists one way or another, except to express my skepticism about the “science” of man-made global warming.

As for Nate, let the hausfrauhrer defend himself….