But it’s such a nice pie-chart!

Nate has the career women of Nashville hitting the donuts hard this weekend:

Career Girls don’t actually help the economy at all.

A Career Girl goes out and gets a job. Very rarely however does she actually produce something beyond a pretty presentation or pie chart. For all their bluster women don’t go out there and start businesses. Career girls don’t anyway. Plenty of women go out and become self employed in various ways… and they are indeed participating in the economy and they are indeed producing something. Good for them. But the vast majority of Career Girls don’t do that. They get hired, and go about the business of destroying things with BS paperwork… needless regulation… increased bureacracy… gossip… and general problem causing.

This is one of the two points that regularly escapes those who attempt to consider the effects of women in the workplace. Merely being in the workplace does not make one a positive factor for production, and it’s demonstrably true that women are massively overrepresented in the unproductive and negatively productive occupations.

Secondly, women in and out of the workforce are consumers, so putting them into the workforce is only helpful if they are increasing productivity. If they are replacing more productive men, there may actually be a net loss, moreover, their obvious failure to perform their only societally necessary productive role, the reproductive one, shows that the grand experiment is already a failure.

No doubt future societies will marvel at our obvious shortsightedness.