It’s not just libertarians

Insty doesn’t cover the half of it:

A big vulnerability is going to be on the gun issue, I think: It is for him [Giuliani] what Campaign Finance Reform is for McCain, something that chases away GOP base voters who lean libertarian.

Giuliani cannot win the nomination, nor would he win the election. He’s far more hopelessly unelectable than any of the genuine conservatives that the faux conservative media are trying to chase off as unelectable, he’s less electable than Bob Dole, for that matter.

Meanwhile, National Review editor Katherine Lopez demonstrates how the conservative commentariat is increasingly out of touch with the conservative Americans who still, mysteriously, to read them.

Glenn Reynolds thinks ” A big vulnerability is going to be on the gun issue.” I dunno I don’t think most Americans want New Yorkers running around with guns. I’m no libertarian but I bet he gets a pass.

Of course, this is the woman who is dumb enough to think that Americans are pining for a third Bush in the White House. Sure, Jeb talks a good game, but the problem is that after the lies his father and his brother told to get elected, no one with more than half a brain, conservative or liberal, believes anything that comes out of the mouth of anyone named Bush.

Most of the Americans who belong to the NRA or more serious gun-rights organizations aren’t libertarians. They are conservatives, a group that National Review and the Republican party once represented. Clearly they are no longer interested in doing so, their protests notwithstanding.