Can’t say I blame them

Larry Kudlow is appalled by the unwillingness of American college students to fight for their country:

According to a Family Security poll, one thousand college students across the country were asked whether they’d consider joining the armed services if America went to war. (We’re talking every region here—not just small, liberal arts colleges in New England with crummy football teams…)

Get this: Men came in at 14 percent with women at 40 percent—basically a 3 to 1 margin.

Why should he be surprised when his fellow member of the conservatoriat, Ben Shapiro, can’t be bothered to sign up for what he constantly tells us is a vital war to defend America.

I certainly wouldn’t lift a finger to defend this government myself. I couldn’t help but notice that when Newt Gingrich was trying to scare Americans about what Iran could do with just three nuclear weapons, he didn’t dare mention New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington DC, but instead talked about Boston and Atlanta.

No doubt Newt was afraid that if he had, a substantial minority of Americans would react by demanding that we supply Ahmadinejad with the nukes, the missiles and a cash incentive based on completion percentage.